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Summer 2024
Crestline, CA.
As another summer arrives in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, we are thankful for the many opportunities we have had to perform music nearly every weekend in Lake Arrowhead and The Coachella Valley. Of course we have the occasional venue outside of Mountain or Desert locations but as they are regular spots for us, they are also special to us. We consider ourselves so fortunate to be regulars at Papagayos Mexican Restaurant & Cantina as well as The Lake Front Tap Room, both in the Lake Arrowhead Village. In 2023-24 we were invited to perform for the Market Nights in Crestline as well as the annual Cork and Hops which we have been a part of for almost a decade. What could be more fun than playing music in your neighborhood?
We also had the opportunity to perform multiple times in Sicily (Italy) last year and look forward to returning there this summer.
In 2024 our greatest appreciation goes to our venues and even more so to those of you who have become our friends, showing up at indoor or outdoor tables and sharing a bit of your life with us while we perform ... in fact, every year we feel more and more a part of your life as you introduce us to your friends and family. Thank you. We hope to see you again and often in the summer of 2024!
Peace, Love, and Appreciation,
Allison and Scott de Hart


Family and friends who you might see performing with us   

Alexander DeHart
Mike Defusco
Bruce Thielbar
Picture coming soon
Starting in mid-2023 you might have
noticed a new bassist sitting in 
with Little Bear Valley Blues.
Bruce  is a Lake Arrowhead 
resident, pilot, and spent some 
time chasing criminals from the
sky! Bruce began playing bass in his teens (like 
all of LBVB) with a garage band. 

Alexander DeHart is "Doc's" son and has joined Little Bear Valley  Blues for summer gigs since 2018. Alex is a Tulsa native. His leads are electrifying and it is a true pleasure to have him as a guest lead guitarist.

Mike Tuten & Shannon Young

Mike Tuten & Shannon Young appeared with LBVB almost from the very start when Allison & Scott starting playing as a full band. 

Sadly, in Dec. 2020 we lost our brother Mike to an aggressive cancer. We are heartbroken and LBVB will always hold Mike's memory. Shannon has since moved out of state to be with family and remains our forever little sister and 2nd vocalist.

Mike Defusco is the son of a highly regarded Jazz guitarist (Louis Defusco) and upright Jazz Bassist (Estelle Defusco). Mike and Scott began performing together in 1976 when they formed their first band. Mike was a post production specialist in the movie industry and his work from the past may be seen in shows as Outlander. 

Mike plays lead guitar and bass, backing vocals, 

In memorium

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