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June 2023
Crestline, CA.
What a winter!! It will be a long time before we forget the 90+ inches of snow, loss of our beloved Goodwin's due to a collapsed roof, unploughed roads, exploding homes with gas leaks, and mostly how neighbors took care of neighbors when that was all we had. This is an amazing community and we are so grateful for the values on this mountain! 
Once again we look back at the wonderful memories we have made with the venues who have supported us. We are always deeply grateful for the regular spots at Papagayo's Mexican Restaurant in Lake Arrowhead, the Lakefront Taproom, Shields Cafe in Indio, and the Crestline Chamber of Commerce. We also appreciate the special events: 4th of July at Lake Gregory; Mountain Hospital in Lake Arrowhead; Cork & Hops, Crestline; and the special weddings and celebrations.
  As Mountain residents (Crestline) we always look forward to this season when we return to the lakeside patio at Papagayos in Lake Arrowhead. We have been so appreciative to have played indoors every other Saturday during the off season; and now we are back to the lake patio on Sundays 1-5pm, every other week since  May.
  We are sorry to announce that for the first time in many years we will be unable to accept the offer to play at the Jamboree 4th of July Fireworks at Lake Gregory. Yet, the reason we cannot is also one of some excitement to us;  we will be living and performing in Sicily during the summer! We will be back in mid July to continue our summer season at Papagayos. Undoubtedly we will have more dates added in the weeks and months ahead.
  Our schedule is updated on this webpage as well as in the previously mentioned social media pages we have.
All our love,
Allison and Scott de Hart


Family and friends who you might see performing with us   

Alexander DeHart
Mike Defusco

Alexander DeHart has joined Little Bear Valley  Blues for summer gigs since 2018 and is a Tulsa native. His leads are electrifying and it is a true pleasure to have him as a guest lead guitarist.

Mike Tuten & Shannon Young

Mike Tuten & Shannon Young appeared with LBVB almost from the very start when Allison & Scott starting playing as a full band. 

Sadly, in Dec. 2020 we lost our brother Mike to an aggressive cancer. We are heartbroken and LBVB will always hold Mike's memory. Shannon has since moved to be with family and remains our forever little sister and 2nd vocalist.

Mike Defusco is the son of a highly regarded Jazz guitarist (Louis Defusco) and stand up Jazz Bassist (Estelle Defusco). Mike and Scott began performing together in 1976 when they formed their first band. Mike is a full time video engineer specialist in the movie industry, post production.

Mike plays lead guitar and bass, backing vocals, 

In memorium

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