March  2020
We would like to begin with our prayers for the community where we live and work; Crestline/Lake Arrowhead, Hesperia, and the Coachella Valley (Indio in particular). As full time teachers and weekend & summer musicians, we come into contact with a lot of people day to day, people who have changed our life with their life stories, experiences, and acts of kindness. As California, our home, is on a stay-home order from the Governor, we are missing our interaction with students, friends, and of course family. We are thinking of you.
Naturally, all of our upcoming gigs into the foreseeable future are on hold. We are however posting home videos on Facebook and on Twitter. We do not have a fancy studio or expensive recording equipment, we are using our home and iPhones to do what we can for the sake of positivity and perhaps some happy distractions during these times where bad news dominates the media. As you have opportunity, watch, share, make requests of songs you have heard us perform and we will try to make videos often and post them.
We have considered a Facebook Live event for friends; if this is of interest to you please let us know and we will announce it and post it on Facebook.
Meanwhile, our prayers and best thoughts are with you during this time. Stay well, stay positive, focus on the gift of life and the promise of a happy reunion when we can all be out and celebrate once again!
All our love,
Allison and Scott de Hart


Some of the faces you might recognize in LBVB full band

Mike Tuten & Shannon Young


Mike Tuten & Shannon Young have appeared with LBVB over the last two years during full band events. Mike (drums) & Shannon (vocals) are Floridian artists as well as the owner/operators of Fine Art for Life Tattoo studio and Rock of Ages Ink. 

Mike Defusco

Mike Defusco is the son of a highly regarded Jazz guitarist (Louis Defusco) and stand up Jazz Bassist (Estelle Defusco). Mike and Scott began performing together in 1976 when they formed their first band. Mike is a full time video engineer specialist in the movie industry, post production.

Paul Castellano

Paul Castellano holds down the rhythm for the full band on bass guitar. Paul, a former Marine, theologian & professor, along with his wife Benita, began as the band Godparents supporting us at each step. Paul's solid rhythm and Sicilian sense of humor became a natural fit for LBVB.

Alexander DeHart has joined Little Bear Valley  Blues for summer gigs since 2018 and is a Tulsa native. His leads are electrifying and it is a true pleasure to have him as a guest lead guitarist.

Alexander DeHart
Mike Cravens

Mike is an accomplished drummer and keyboardist who has worked in live and studio settings for decades; we are thrilled to have Mike joining LBVB.

John Bueler
John Bueler is a familiar Crestline face as "Dr. Bueler" ; the amazing chiropractor whose skill transfer to the keyboards with the same brilliant touch. John has decades of experience with live performances and is a wonderful addition to fill the parts of LBVB. 
Mike Cravens
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