Fall,  2021
Crestline, CA.
  As everyone is aware, all of our events were cancelled from mid March 2020 through the end of the year due to the "shelter-in-place" orders that effected every individual and the venues where we regularly perform; in particular Shields Cafe (Indio), the Lakefront Taproom (Lake Arrowhead), and Papagayos Cantina (Lake Arrowhead). We missed performing for the annual summer events we have played at Lake Gregory and those with the Crestline Chamber of Commerce (Cork & Hops). 
Since Feb. 14, 2021, we have performed every weekend, things are changing and the venues are opened again for live music! Our Spring was occupied in the Coachella Valley with events at Shields Cafe in Indio and in the summer we had weekly events lined in Crestline, Blue Jay, Lake Arrowhead, including Papagayos in Lake Arrowhead village every other week!
  With the Fall upon us we are so excited to be splitting weekends between Lake Arrowhead and Coachella Valley; Papagayos Mexican Restaurant (indoors) at the Village and at Shields Cafe in Indio (alternate Saturdays).
  Again, thank you for your support and we hope our online performances in 2020 brought you some pleasure and distraction. We intentionally left off a virtual tip-jar (though we were asked to add one many times) because this was our way of thanking all of you and doing what we can for our community. Mental health and music go hand-in-hand. Thank you for all the kind comments and support during the Facebook Live events, it means a lot to us to hear from you.
  Our schedule will be updated on this webpage as well as in the previously mentioned social media pages we have.
All our love,
Allison and Scott de Hart


Family and friends who you might see performing with us in 2021

Alexander DeHart
Mike Defusco
John Bueler

Alexander DeHart has joined Little Bear Valley  Blues for summer gigs since 2018 and is a Tulsa native. His leads are electrifying and it is a true pleasure to have him as a guest lead guitarist.

John Bueler is a familiar Crestline face as "Dr. Bueler" ; the amazing chiropractor whose skill transfer to the keyboards with the same brilliant touch. John has decades of experience with live performances and is a wonderful addition to fill the parts of LBVB. 
Mike Tuten & Shannon Young

Mike Tuten & Shannon Young appeared with LBVB almost from the very start when Allison & Scott starting playing as a full band. 

Sadly, in Dec. 2020 we lost our brother Mike to an aggressive cancer. We are heartbroken and LBVB will always hold Mike's memory. Shannon has since moved to be with family and remains our forever little sister and 2nd vocalist.

Mike Defusco is the son of a highly regarded Jazz guitarist (Louis Defusco) and stand up Jazz Bassist (Estelle Defusco). Mike and Scott began performing together in 1976 when they formed their first band. Mike is a full time video engineer specialist in the movie industry, post production.

Mike plays lead guitar and bass, backing vocals, and often brings his daughter & son to assist with vocals and percussion. A musical family!

In memorium