Tunes in the Trees
Tunes in the Trees

SkyPark Santa's Village

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Arrowhead Resort
Arrowhead Resort

Regular performers at the Lake Arrowhead Resort

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Tunes in the Trees
Tunes in the Trees

SkyPark Santa's Village

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Classics & Favorites from oldies to rockabilly, blues and standards, country and folk, pop hits and classic rock.

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Little Bear Valley Blues Duo/Trio & Full Band

Shields Cafe & Garden, Indio
Papagayos Mexican Cantina, Lake Arrowhead
Lake Arrowhead, Ca.
Indian Wells Country Club
The Lakefront Taproom, Lake Arrowhead village.
Spade and Spatula, Blue Jay
Inspired  Vibe Events
The Living Desert
Rancho Mirage, CA.
Crestline Cork & Hops
Lake Gregory Concert Series

Palm Springs, CA.



In the summer of 2016 Allison and Scott de Hart, both full time teachers and mountain residents, decided to begin performing at a local coffee shop on weekends. Word spread, the duo became known as Little Bear Valley Blues, named after the historic name given to the area today known as Lake Arrowhead, "Little Bear Valley."

As news traveled, Little Bear Valley Blues began to be seen and heard as regulars at the Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa, The Lake Front Tap Room, and the Tudor House.

In the Fall of 2017 Little Bear Valley Blues expanded to allow for occasions and venues requesting a full band.

Today Little Bear Valley Blues is available to play smaller and more quaint venues wishing only the acoustic duo of Allison and Scott as well as the larger stages and outdoor events requiring a full band.

Allison and Scott (brief bio)

Allison grew up in Lake Arrowhead, graduated from Rim High School, holds a bachelors degree in English and Masters in Creative Writing. She is also an award winning and published author. Allison has taught and administrated at the k-12 grade levels for over a decade. Presently she is an honors English and Creative Writing teacher.

Scott grew up in Westlake Village, graduated from Agoura High School, holds his Ph.D. (D.Phil.)  from the University of Oxford. Formerly Scott was a college professor (English, Philosophy, Theology, Western Civ., Religion, Comparative Religion, etc.) and Graduate school administrator, Presently, he is a high school AP English & Philosophy teacher. He has, lectured world wide and is the author of approximately a dozen books.


Allison & Scott are unapologetic and firm believers in the dignity and equality of every human made in the image of God regardless of race, gender, identity orientation, religion, or age. We reserve the right to refuse service where these human rights are not embraced & celebrated.


The Latest?

We are excited to announce that we are now performing every other Saturday at Papagayo's Mexican Restaurant in Lake Arrowhead Village (5-9pm). We have future projects in the works with the most iconic restaurant in Lake Arrowhead, we will be announcing them soon.

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